About Simply Zen


Simply Zen is a joint project between Jisho and Madoka to provide Zen instruction in English.


Jisho is a master Zen teacher, whose kensho (realization of Truth) has been recognized by Kando Inoue Roshi, who belongs to a lineage of highly respected Zen monks. Jisho's teaching is modern and straightforward.  

Madoka is happy to use her bilingual skills to enable other English speakers to access Jisho's instruction. 




  • June 6 Please reserve more than 1 hour in advance for zazenkai. Reservations are turned of 60 minutes prior to start.

  • May 26  We are starting zazenkai twice a month! Regardless of your time zone, there is zazenkai at least once a month. See the group zazenkai page for June and July schedules.  

  • May 26  Next online zazenkai is June 6 (Sun) 18:00 Japan time

  • April 19  Next online zazenkai is May 17, 7:00am Japan time (Sun, May 16th in N/S America). Reservations here.

  • reservations for online zazenkai and private sessions. Feel free to contact us with questions too.



  • ​Please do not use, reproduce, modify, and/or divert any content of this website.

  • Please understand that it may take a few days to respond to your inquiries, requests or comments. 

  • ​Please be timely in making reservations or cancellations.